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Foot / Ankle - MED SPEC - - ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer (Blk)
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ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer (Blk)

Suggested Insurance Billing Code
Item Number - ISB-264091

Manufacturer - MED SPEC

Product Description

The NEW ASO EVO features new additions over the standard model making it the most anticipated ankle brace to hit the market in the last ten years.  The new model features the same ballistic nylon boot construction as the original along with two additional benefits.  First, the addition of a flexible plastic cuff has been added to the upper half of the brace to increase support around the ankle joint and offer greater protection against high ankle sprains.  Second, the addition of an inner stirrup strap, now starting from inside the ASO EVO, helps provide greater control of the calcaneus for enhanced resistance against inversion/eversion movements.  The straps exit through the plastic cuff and are then applied in the same figure eight configuration as the original, thus mimicking an ankle lock tape job.  They can be adjusted and re-tightened using the same thumb loops as in the original model.  The elastic cuff around the top closes off the product and provides additional support up high.  The new ASO EVO provides greater protection against ankle sprains and closer brace to bone contact with the enhanced strap design, thus marking an evolution in ankle brace design.

Size Chart

Ankle Circumference
10" - 11"
11" - 12"
12" - 13"
13" - 14"
14" - 15"
15" - 16"
Measure the circumference on the ankle to get the correct sizing option.

Additional Product Images

No Additional Images Available At This Time.

Product Care

Machine wash, gentle cycle.  No bleach!  Air Dry.
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