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Knee - TOWNSEND - - Townsend Rebel Reliever Knee Stabilizer
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Townsend Rebel Reliever Knee Stabilizer

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Manufacturer - TOWNSEND

Product Description

Townsend’s Rebel Reliever provides unloading and pain relief for patients who have mild to moderate unicompartment OA. This lightweight, low profile brace features Townsend’s patented hinge motion, suspension and rotation control technology -- and exclusive Loadshifter Relief Mechanism for adjusting corrective force.

The Rebel Reliever is a rigid aircraft aluminum brace designed to help maintain normal leg alignment and shift load away from the damaged side of the knee. The brace is fabricated with dual Loadshifter mechanisms for maximum adjustability. This brace can be used universally for medial or lateral OA. Medical professionals can shorten and/or lengthen the uprights to shift the thigh shell angle up to 18 degrees. Increasing corrective force at the proximal end amplifies the affect of the three-point pressure and makes the brace lower profile (at knee center) than other manufacturers’ OA braces.

Size Chart

Circumference 6" Above Mid-Patel
15.5 to 18.5
18.5 to 21
21 to 23.5
23.5 to 25
25 to 28
Medial-Lateral Width At Knee Cen
3.5 to 4
4 to 4.5
4.5 to 5
5 to 5.5
5.5 to 6
Circumference 6" Below Mid-Patel
12.25 to 13.75
13.25 to 15
14.25 to 15.75
15 to 17
17 to 19
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